Investment Criteria

In addition to industry and strategic fit, Omninet invests in companies that typically share the following characteristics:
  • Outstanding Management
    The firm believes its success is built upon partnerships with talented entrepreneurs that work successfully with the Omninet team. Therefore, Omninet concentrates in identifying committed, talented, and passionate entrepreneurs.
  • Competitive Advantage
    Omninet seeks companies that have a demonstrated competitive advantage within a large, quantifiable market. This competitive advantage should provide a dramatic improvement over other products and services in the marketplace.
  • Viable Business Model
    Omninet concentrates on companies that have a viable business model that can pursue a precise execution strategy to achieve market leadership. The firm seeks businesses in large and growing markets with the opportunity for substantial profitability.
  • Product Commercialization
    Omninet is interested in companies with products or services that are commercially viable with proven sales traction. Consequently, the firm usually will not invest in development stage companies.